Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moondance Ceremony

Today we added two new sisters as full members of the tribe. Welcome Ola and Brenda!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wanting an infermery

Not really sure if This works ..but thought i'd try ..I would like to build an Infermery in camp ..but since i can't build the structure it is difficult..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

History of the Var Viverra

Patrice Cournoyer and Govindira Galatea at the
earliest days of Var Viverra (Jan. 2007)

The Var Viverra She is one of the older, if not the oldest, panther tribe in Gor. As a tribe, we have grown, changed, and continue to learn about Gor. We have wonderful sisters in the tribe as well as memories of other sisters that have disappeared in the mist. Being the oldest member of the tribe, I decided to write the history of the tribe based on my views. As such, this tale only provides one view, the view of a lone panther that grew up in the tribe since almost the beginning, that have grown old, sometimes happy, sometimes serious, a few times with tears in her eyes, and always hopeful that the tribe will continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom.

My tale is organized in chapters with many notecards and pictures embedded. I hope that they will give you a glimpse of the iron that forged the tribe spirit.

Chronology of the Tribe
We have lived in many places. I found the tribe when they had camp in the Vosk Delta Forest. From there, we moved to the Northern Woods, traveling from near the city of Cardonicus. wandering thru the woods and passing close to the Fort of Saphronicus, and settling just north of the City of Laura. Here I will tell the tales that my fading memory still remember. There are many more stories that I hope other panthers will be able to add to fill the gaps.

* August 2006 to February 2007 - How the Var Viverra She was formed
Alice McConnel founded the Var Viverra She tribe in Teletus back in August 2006. They moved from Teletus, to Port Rarir woods and then to Tampica. The founding members of the tribe included Alice McConnell, Govindra Galatea, Patrice Cournoyer, Starri Midnight and the then slave Sam Slunce. One panther is remembered as the one that really pushed Alice to form the Var Viverra She. That panther was Nuts Bakalava, former EN of the Barak tribe and a long time friend of the Var Viverra She.

* Vosk Delta Forest (February to March 2007) - The Var Viverra She becomes strong and dangerous.
We lived there for a short time from January to March 2007. The camp was surrounded by Fort Haskins (Ubar QaPla Xie), Port Rarir (Ubar Surbus Demontrond) and a cave of Pirates south of the camp led by Drakkarn Reddevil. I found and joined the tribe on February 17, 2007. I was a young pup learning my way around Gor and here I was in full combat defending the tribe. The warriors, outlaws, and pirates would attempt to raid the camp every single day, every single hour. The fights were ferocious, capturing, being captured and learning to escape.

We had many adventures in the Forest, and certain events were significant to the tribe.

+ Wolves - Even that wolves did not exist in gor, we allowed them as part of the tribe (panthers AV were not available at that time). We had a pack of three wolves that provided the tribe with early warning of attacks. Here is a picture of Akisha and I with one of the wolves, Angel.

+ Panther War - When I joined the tribe, we had a very good bow and combat fighter. Her name is Xexe Obscure. However, her warlike attitude proved to be the cause of her falling out of the tribe. She left the tribe with a group that included Ooh Dazy (alt of Sheila Hula, EN of the Ess-Kimi-Kass [EKK]), Liket Ayres, and Cielo. The EKK soon turned into one of the most brutal and bloodiest panther tribes in Gor, a tribe that made other tribes turn against them. Many battles were fought against the EKK and never they were able to defeat the Var. The EKK finally dissappeared in the mist of a swamp in Essex, never to be heard again.
􀀁 - Scroll sent by the Al'Ahar Shas tribe to all panther tribes
􀀀 - IC/OOC description of the events by Alice McConnell

+ Panther Alliances - The constant raiding of unlikely allies such as warriors with outlaws and pirates made us seek alliances with other panther tribes. Tribes important to us were the Barak (Sara Kleene -EN) and the Hiute (Takat Su - EN). Their tribes and many other tribes joined forces with us to repeal many attacks. And we were also captured together in places such as Semris when we foolishly attempted to raid them.

And a panther raid team just before entering Port Rarir

+ Burning of Fort Haskins and Farewell to the Vosk Delta Forest - After many raids against the tribe and ready to move camp to the Northern Woods, we planned a last operation against Fort Haskin and their cronies. We planned the operation, even started a mental war against them setting huge towers in the border stopping them in their tracks. And then we attacked... it was a huge success.

Soon after, Fort Haskin called all available warriors, outlaws, and pirates to attack our tribe. We counter attacked while panther tribes poured in the woods to help. The battle lasted almost four hours. At the end, the Var Viverra She prevailed, winning the battle. Of course, the Ubar was mighty upset. Just before parting the Forest, Alice sent the following open letter to Fort Haskin.
* Cardonicus - start of moving the tribe to be more book

* Saphronicus

+ Merger of the Al'Ahar Shas Tribe

+ Wild Savage Inn

* City of Laura and Northern Woodland

*Woods of Dark storm

* City of Teveh Pass

* Dark Island

* Gorean Northern woods
Chieftesses and evolution of Tribe Leadership
The leadership of the tribe have gone thru many changes. One thing is certain, all have worked to push the tribe to be great. Here is a quick synopsis of the tribe leadership:
* August 2006 to February 2007: Alice McConnell - EN, Satin McNally - SE (January - February 2007)
* February - April 2007: Alice McConnell - EN, Lola Machin - SE
* April - November 2007: Lola Machin - Acting EN , Jaraziah Lowell - SE (April - May), Selene Shi - SE/Tor (May - Nov), Alice McConnell - Elder, brief periods as EN
* December 2007: Jaraziah Lowell - EN, Selene Shi - SE
* January - May 2008: Selene Shi - EN, Carrie Sanford - SE
* June - September 2008 : Alice McConnel - EN, Carrie Sanford - SE (June 2008), Jimmerjam Barnes - SE (July - September 2008)
* September 2008 - June 2008: Jimmerjam Barnes - EN, Jesta Rayna - SE(September - October), Rhubardin Fluffball - SE (October - june 2009)
*June 2009- July 2009: Alice McConnell
July 2009-Febuary 2010: Izumi vought-EN, Christina Francis SE- Rukia Ansome TOR
Febuary 2010 to present: Izumi Vought-EN, Amythest wingtip SE